Jim and Margaret Schultz Hohner Make IRA Gift to Support Graduate Medical Education

Photo of Jim and Margaret Schultz Hohner.
Jim and Margaret Schultz Hohner

“Like throwing a pebble into a pond, gifts to medical education have a ripple effect.”

Jim and Margaret Schultz Hohner believe that the quality of education that medical students receive greatly improves their ability to provide compassionate care for their patients. “Graduate medical education allows doctors to be better caregivers,” they say. “And better care leads to better patient experiences and better health.”

As grateful patients, the Hohners have used an IRA beneficiary designation to make a gift to Advocate Health Care to support graduate medical education. “Like throwing a pebble into a pond, gifts to medical education have a ripple effect,” Jim says, “impacting the training of the next generation of doctors and how they’ll treat patients over their careers.”

Jim, a retired accountant, was hired at Ravenswood Hospital and through a merger with Advocate eventually became the vice president of finance for Advocate Charitable Foundation, the fundraising arm of Advocate. While Illinois Masonic Medical Center- became their hospital, they learned how Advocate ran its health care ministry from up close. Margaret has been an inpatient multiple times, and both she and Jim have been impressed by the care patients received.

Margaret, a retired grammar school teacher, believes that high-quality medical education influences caregivers and makes them better able to serve patients’ needs. “It was a privilege to work for the Foundation,” says Jim. “I enjoyed working with the staff and the donors to support Advocate’s health care ministry.”

The Hohners have directed their gift to support graduate medical education and Illinois Masonic Medical Center, and they encourage others to join them in support of Advocate and all that it does for our community. Gifts can be designated for specific programs or left unrestricted to be used in the areas of greatest need.

“We’ve had many interactions with Advocate staff over the years,” Margaret says. “We really appreciate the humanity of the care we have received from all of the doctors and nurses. They truly care for you as a person.”


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